About Us

Jorge Lopez is the owner of Hill Country Land and Tree Service. We have been serving the Texas Hill Country for over 10 years, and much of our work comes to us in the form of referrals from our past clients.

One thing our clients’ appreciate about us is our willingness, and even encouragement, to be a creative member of the team, helping us bring their project from concept to completion.

Our Goal

Our goal is to work quickly and efficiently to get the job, whatever it may be, completed. To this end, we use state of the art machinery, and partner with providers in the local area to keep our prices lower and to help us get the work done more quickly.

We have a fleet of excavation equipment and a team of skilled operators and are ready to work on your project:

We look forward to having an opportunity to speak with you about your project.

Contact Us for a comprehensive description of all of our Excavation, Dozer Work, Pond Digging, Road Construction, Cedar Clearing and/or Mesquite Grubbing services by filling out our form.