Dozer Work

We have been performing Dozer work in South Central Texas for years.

We are known for quality work and integrity in our business dealings. Our company thrives on client referrals and repeat business – our projects have built this base from which we grow.

Types of Dozer Work Jobs

  • Bulldozing – Cedar, Mesquite, Live Oak, Under Brush
  • Grubbing – Mesquite, Cedar, Roots, Underbrush
  • Shearing – Cedar, Mesquite, Underbrush
  • Hand-cutting Sensitive Areas
  • Senderos – Hunting, Views, Trails
  • Right of Way – Power Lines and Roads
  • Field Reclamation – Mesquite, Cedar, Underbrush


There are many things that you should consider before selecting a contractor for dozer work. The weight and horsepower of a dozer is a major factor on how efficient the work will be done. In most cases the heavier and larger horsepower will perform more efficient and productive for you.

The experience and knowledge of the operator is also a factor in how quick and efficient the job will be done.

A machine is no more efficient than the operator on it. In clearing brush it is important to have a large and heavy enough machine to push trees out by the roots, not break them off.

Once you get your brush pushed out you should have a properly equipped dozer with a brush rake to be able to stack the brush into nice, clean piles. Operator experience is key. Our team has this experience and years of service.


We look forward to having an opportunity to speak with you about your project.

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