Mesquite Grubbing
Texas Hill Country Mesquite Grubbing

Mesquite Grubbing

We have been providing mesquite grubbing services in South Central Texas for many years. Over the years, the size and scope of our mesquite grubbing business has grown, as has our fleet of  equipment and our team of skilled operators.

What Is Grubbing?

“Grubbing” is removing a tree and as much of its root system as possible to deter regrowth. The alternative that many use is to simply scrape the ground off while leaving roots and pobs – the problem with this approach is they resprout.

What Is A Grubber?

A grubber is a tool that digs below the surface and grabs or shears off as much of the root as possible. Here, especially for mesquite, it is the only way to effectively clear a pasture and minimize the possibility of quick, thick regrowth.


We have made significant investments in the specialized equipment and attachments necessary to extract the ENTIRE TREE–roots and all. Our Team of highly trained operators have removed thousands of acres of nuisances like these for years.

Let us make that unusable field/pasture a dream for your livestock and family.

We know the soil types, where there are ground water problems and how to deal with them, how the weather might impact a given project.

We take pride in our reputation for sharing our knowledge with customers and collaborating with other contractors working on the job to achieve the desired result.


We look forward to having an opportunity to speak with you about your project.

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